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Get Involved

 Whether you are a new student starting university this semester, or a student entering your final year choosing to get involved with the Labour Club at Glasgow University is a great way to meet new people, debate and campaign on issues you care about, get great experience and attend plenty of social events.

If you have any questions or if you would just like some more information you can email Club Chair Helen Stephen at or simply fill in the contact form below.

You can join Glasgow University Labour Club in the following ways and it only costs £1:

  • Join online by clicking here

  • Join at this year’s Freshers’ Fair which will be held between Tuesday 18 – Thursday 20 September 2007.

  • Join as Refreshers’ Fair which is held every year at the end of January.

  • Download a Membership Form here and send it completed with a cheque or postal order to Labour Students.


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